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By answering, remotely accessing your software and scheduling the new patient as if we were your own employee.

“WrightChat is the company that makes all answering services obsolete”

Dr. Robert Barton

The 8 Ways your Phones are
Costing you Millions

Are phones important or even Vital to the success of your business?

Get instant access to this mini course created by international speaker and business consultant Brian Wright and discover the 8 different ways your phones Are costing you millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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Increased New





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We believe missed and/or mishandled new patient calls cost practices millions of dollars in lost revenue. Place yourself in the shoes of the patient as they are searching for a practice to purchase their treatment. If you miss their call they will not leave a voicemail and if you mishandle their call they are unlikely to schedule with your practice either. In both scenarios they simply call the next practice on Google. This is why new patient call answering services are a thing of the past.

Enter WrightChat. We transform practices by answering their missed new patient phone calls, remotely accessing their software, and scheduling the new patient as if we were your own employee. We can also answer and schedule all of your new patient phone calls. You keep your own phone number, practice management software and phone system. The onboarding process is seamless and we make practices millions in revenue they otherwise would have lost and never even known about. The WrightChat agents answering your new patient calls are an extension of your team. They will verify the insurance and handle everything as if they were your own employee.

Brian Wright - CoFounder

Why our clients love us

All USA based agents.

All USA based agents are rigorously trained on sales, hospitality, consumer psychology, verbiage, presentation and other skill-sets essential for conversion. agents.

Our agents are trained by Global Speaker, Brian Wright

Your own personal team of
agents specializing in your

Agents are an extension of
your team that answer, sell
your value and schedule
the caller.

Our Own In-House IT Team

Streamlined Onboarding

We integrate with your
phone number, phone
system, software, etc.

No contracts, Flat Tier
Pricing and a Team that
Sincerely Cares.


WrightChat helps any business that believes the phones are the lifeline of their success. If you want to increase new patients/new customers, sales and revenue, while decreasing ad expense, hiring/training headaches and chaos … WrightChat can help.

If you believe you are missing incoming calls or are having trouble hiring/training people to be great on the calls you do answer,
WrightChat can help.

If you believe that people are unlikely to leave a voicemail when you miss their call and/or you want agents that come impeccably trained to represent your business in a way we know sells
WrightChat can help.

Business Services

We currently answer for Advertising Agencies, IT Firms, Web Designers, Insurance Companies, Tech Firms and more.


We currently answer for Dentists, Optometrists,Orthodontists,
Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and more.

Financial Services

We currently answer for Accountants, CPA’s financial consultants,wealth advisors, financial advisors and more.

Home Services

We currently answer for roofers, plumbers, landscapers, contractors and more.

Legal Services

We currently answer for attorneys/lawyers and other legal

Small, Medium and Large Sized Business Services

We currently answer for entrepreneurs and businesses of all
shapes and sizes.

How it works

We can answer the new patient phone calls you miss or we can
answer all your new patient phone calls ... Your choice!

Which works better for you?





We answer, sell your value and schedule all the incoming new patient/prospective customer phone calls that you miss. Our in-house IT team ensures you keep your phone number, phone system, scheduling software, etc. - Plug and play … seamless … easy for you!

Receive your own personal team of agents specializing in sales, hospitality verbiage and more

Receive your own assigned team of agents that know you and your practice

Increase new patients

Eliminate new patient missed calls

Reduce ad costs

Improve the in office experience for your patients

What we do

Missed and Mishandled Calls = Lost sales, revenue and referrals as new patients or prospective customers no longer leave voicemails… They buy from your competition.

Enter WrightChat.

We created a revolutionary service that answers new patient or prospective customer calls as if we were your own employee. The process is so seamless the caller never knows a third party even answered. We are an extension of your team. You know us and we know you. The calls are answered by 100% USA based agents so uniquely and rigorously trained on sales, hospitality and other essential skill-sets that our clients see an instant increase in sales, revenue and 5-Star Google Reviews.

In addition, when you hear our agents on the phone you will become a fan for life … hence our 99.4% client retention rate and we never make you sign a contract! Our agents will sell the value of you, your team and your products/services ensuring you will see an increase in sales and a decrease in ad costs, no shows and other headaches that come with owning a business. As a client you will also receive our advanced on-demand phone training course coached by Global Speaker, Brian Wright. Use the course to train your existing and future team members because we believe you never have an opportunity to make a fantastic first impression.

How we are different?

Wrightchat exists to level up the phone experience at your business. Not only do we answer for you either in a primary or back up role and schedule New patients or customers on your scheduling software, we also help train your team members to help sell your business on the phones. Gone are the days of stressing when you lose a team member who answers your phones. Whether we are primary or backup we have your back when you hire the next team member who answers your phones.

Our agents mystery call and hold your team accountable just the same as Wrightchat holds our agents accountable to be the best phone Professional to represent your business. No other company provides the unique combination of answering your calls, scheduling your customer, training your people and holding them accountable so you never have to worry about your phone experience again.

The New Patient Group Podcast

A podcast for Doctor Business Owners

The Brian Wright Show

A podcast for Entrepreneurs


“Brian is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and Marcus Lemonis from the Profit.
You must partner your business with his companies”

CoFounder of WrightChat

President of Brian Wright Consulting

Founder & CEO of New Patient Group

Host of the New Patient Group Podcast

Host of the Brian Wright Show Podcast

Business Consultant and Speaker for Invisalign

International Motivational Speaker

What our clients are saying

“WrightChat will forever be known as the Virtual Receptionist and Answering Service that Made ALL Others Obsolete. They are the first and only designed for today’s consumer that won’t leave a voicemail but instead will just go down Google, call and buy from someone else when you don’t answer. Taking a message no longer works and why WrightChat is a game changer for my business. They use all USA based agents that are rigorously trained to the point I would rather have them answer than my own team. They link up to your existing phone system, software and phone number and they are such a pleasure to worth with! I highly recommend using them!”

Dr. Robert Barton


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